3 Ways to Target New Customers with Facebook Video Ads

3 Ways to Target New Customers with Facebook Video Ads

Facebook is a platform that is home to over a billion people across the world. Now, if you capitalize on that audience correctly, you can generate tons of leads or even direct sales. So, you’re probably wondering how you can tap into Facebook’s huge number of uses, right? Well, you can set up a video ad campaign, and target specific audiences relevant to your niche.

Facebook video ads is a marketing strategy that is so effective, and that is because it has such staggering conversion and engagement rates. There have been a multitude of studies in recent times, and they all point towards people preferring to watch a video over anything else. Plus, surveys also revealed that Facebook users regularly interact with video content on the platform.

But, to run a successful campaign, you must be aware of some strategies that will ensure you aren’t wasting precious money. Here are some brilliant ways to target new customers with Facebook video ads.

Create appropriate ads for the relevant audience

If you're starting your first campaign, then you'll most likely be targeting what's known as cold traffic. This is an audience that isn't currently aware of your brand or products but should still be interested in your niche. So, you'll need to create some exposure and introduce that audience to your brand before you do anything else.

Then, once you’ve gathered intel on who engaged with your ad and showed some interest, you can start to produce video ads that highlight your products or services. Either sell what you offer or upsell to people that have already purchased from you.

Develop your ad assuming there is no sound

On Facebook, video ads are automatically played without sound as users scroll past. To listen to the video, the user will have to turn it on, but over 85% of people do not do this. You may be thinking, "Well, how will I market my company if no one's going to listen to the add?”
You will need to be creative, and capture people’s attention with the quality of the video. Moreover, you could utilize textual clues, jump straight into the good part without an intro, or just simply add narrative subtitles.

Always add a CTA (call to action)

Whether you want them to purchase your product, subscribe to something or just visit your site, you need to encourage them to do so. You may not realize it, but most people won’t do something unless you tell them to do it.

If we reflect on our second method, people watching with no sound only highlights the importance of a great CTA at the end. So, don't be shy and if you want them to purchase your amazing dog collar, then say – ‘Purchase this wonderful dog collar NOW.'