Add option values such as size or colour


Video Instructions



Creating / Editing a Product Option

This tab lets you create customer drop down options (ie size colour etc) that you can then assign to products

The 'Options Pool'

To add different optiosn to your products you need to add the options to the 'Options Pool'

Once they are in the pool, you simply reference the options for each product, picking and choosing which options you want to add, and the finer details like price, weight, etc for each individual option value.

It is also important to understand the terminology:

- Men's Shoes <-- Product

-- Size <-- Option

---- 8 <-- Option Value

---- 9 <-- Option Value


How to Create Options

1. Goto Admin->Catalog->Options

2. Click Insert

3. Enter:

Name: eg Color

Type: eg Select

Sort Order: 1

4. Click "Add Option Value

5. Enter

Option Value Name: egRed

Sort Order: 1

6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each option value you want to add (Blue, Green, etc)

7. Save


How to Add Options to Products

1. Goto Admin->Catalog->Products

2. Edit a Product

3. Goto the "Options" tab

4. In the box with the green + icon, type the name of the "option" you just created above... Color

5. As you type, the autosuggest will give you the option to choose the Color option

6. Now click the green + icon

7. Depending on the option type, you will see different fields. They should be self-explanatory

8. Choose the Option Value, stock, price, weight, etc that you want for that product.

Since "Color" is generic enough, you can reuse that option for other products. Shirts, Hats, etc without re-adding it to the options page. Just edit the next product and start typing "Color" again into the box with the green + icon and add it there with different pricing, qty, etc.


No Need To Create An Option For Each Product

Generally with options you only need to set them up once


ie set up a new option called colors

- add in all the different colours you may need (ie red, blue etc)

- In the product area you can then use this colour option for every product that has different colours (the system lets you select the base option - colours- then also select the desired sub options ie red, blue etc)

- if at a later date you need more colours simply add them to the same color option and they will then be available in the product area.


Use this for other options that are similar between products ie sizing.





Remember you should not create a unique option for each product unless it really needs it. If you do it will get very confusing and very messy.


If you need to add both a colour option and a size option to your store get in touch. We do have a more advanced Multiple Option module that can be added to your store for a one off setup fee.