How Can A Website Compete Using Only White Hat Techniques?

Some webmasters are getting discouraged because spammers are dominating their industries. While Google does its best to act on spam reports, it could take months before concrete actions are taken. How are they supposed to compete using only white hat techniques when their rivals are not playing fair?


Matt Cutts points out that “black hat techniques” usually exploit weaknesses in the system. Once Google makes the corrections, their sites will fall very quickly. They are constantly being hunted down and they will not prosper for a sustained period. Matt encourages webmasters to pursue white hat techniques and slowly foster a good reputation. Over time, they will overtake the spammers in the rankings and lead them by a mile.


Webmasters should not hesitate to call Google’s attention if spammers are swarming their niche. They could blog about the incidents or even tweet Matt about the situation. The Google Spam Team will welcome the feedback. Another way to get ahead of the black hats is to create high quality viral content. Marketing savvy should be employed to enhance the public’s awareness of a site. The objective is to have them going directly to the URL instead of finding it by chance through a search engine.