How do I add a quantity discount or a customer group discount

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Creating a quantity discount or a customer group discount



To view products click on the toolbar tab and select Catalog and then Products.



Products Dashboard

This opens up the Product Dashboard where you can see your current products, add / edit / delete products





Add New Product


To add a new product you have two options

1) Insert a new product

Lets you enter in new product data from scratch

2) Copy an existing product:

This copies an existing product that you select. You can then modify it with the new product specific data.

This is ideal for creating similar products to one you have already set up. just remember to change all the relevant details


Clicking 'Insert' / 'Edit' brings you to the product screen


Towards the top of the screen there are a couple of different tabs.




Discount Tab



Offer a discount on this product to all customers, to only customers in a customer group you created in SALES -> Customers -> Customer Groups, or to customers who purchase at least a minimum quantity that you specify.


Discounts for a customer group will display the special price only if the customer is logged in as that group.



Price: 100.00

Quantity: 5

Discount: 10

New Price: 90.00

Click the ADD DISCOUNT Button,


then optionally select a customer group you want this special to apply to.


If you want to require a minimum purchase for the customer to get this discount, enter the minimum number of items.


If you will offer multiple discounts and/or specials, enter 1 for this to be applied first, 2 for this to be applied second.


The price you want the customer to see.

Date Start

When you want this special price to appear.

Date End

When you want this special price to disappear.