How Important Is The Frequency Of Updates On A Blog?

There is a prevailing impression that blogs need numerous updates for SEO purposes. With this in mind, a webmaster from Colorado wants to know the extent to which frequency affects the PageRank of dynamic sites. He also wants to learn more about the relative importance of content compared to frequency.

Frequent updates are certainly welcome according to Matt Cutts. Readers, in particular, will appreciate seeing new content become available on a regular basis. It might encourage them to visit several times a day. If a blog does not post updates for a long time, then people may visit less until they forget about the site altogether. Those who are aiming for a large number of page views should certainly strive for consistency.

Yet one must be careful not to sacrifice quality for quantity. In terms of PageRank, it would be more beneficial for a site to post a few meaningful articles as opposed to many uninspired posts. Posting for the sake of meeting a quota is not advisable. Google does its best to reward sites that offer fresh and original insights. Each update should be carefully considered.