How To Bring Your Email Subscribers Back From The DEAD

Have you been building email lists for more than six months? Then you’ve got some ‘dead’ subscribers on your list.

They’re not opening your emails. They’re not paying attention to you. Frankly, they don’t even remember who you are.

So now you’ve got two choices… …either remove them from your autoresponder… …or win them back.

I don’t advocate removing subscribers until you’ve done everything in your power to get them back in your fold, opening your emails and hopefully buying your offers. After all, getting subscribers isn’t all that easy. It takes either work, money or both.

So why not put a little effort into winning those subscribers back?

Done correctly, it can pay off BIG time. First, we’re going to start off by re-engaging them. If that doesn’t work, we’ll try winning them back. And finally, when they act on one of our emails, we’ll send them a welcome back email.

Let’s get started: How To Bring Your Email Subscribers Back From The DEAD

Your Re-Engagement Email Series

You decide when to initiate this series – after they haven’t opened an email from you in 30 days? 60? 90? 180?

It’s up to you.

For purposes of our example, we’ll use 30 days.

Re-Engagement Email #1

This email is subtle and doesn’t harp on the fact that they haven’t opened an email from you in over 30 days. And we’ll place  something in the P.S. to encourage their re-engagement.

Subject Line: Knock, knock… [Hello… are you there?]

Did you know it’s been awhile since you opened or clicked on one of my emails?

I thought I’d better check in on you because you’ve sadly missed some really cool stuff in the last 30 days. It’s okay, I made you a list of what’s been happening…Check it out:
[Insert your bulleted list of blog posts, videos and so forth from the past 30 days. Make it ENTICING, with bullets that raise plenty of curiosity.]

I know with how busy you are. It’s hard to stay on top of things, but you subscribed to this newsletter to get the latest news and updates on… [Insert known benefits, desired end results, etc.] …so you will please forgive me if I give you the occasional “poke” just to make sure you haven’t somehow slipped through the cracks. :)

I don’t want to leave anyone behind, especially you.

Talk soon, [NAME]

P.S. I know that [problem, challenge, etc.] is something you and I struggle with, so as an added gift I thought you’d like to see my favorite [problem, challenge, etc.] resources of all time: 
 I think you’ll find #4 especially surprising – I know it did [benefit] for me.


What’s going on in this email?

You’re letting them know they are MISSING OUT. Then you go on to use some really enticing bullets that make them think, “Holy crap, I’ve missed some good stuff!”

You can add links to each item in your bullets, or add a single link to your blog, or…  It’s up to you.

The goal here is to show them that they need to OPEN your emails or they will be missing out. In the P.S., we’re giving them another reason to click (freebie time!) and we’re enticing them even further with that last sentence.

Raise enough curiosity and they HAVE to click it.

[NOTE: I like to send the above email TWICE to those who did not open it the first time. Send it the first time, wait 12 to 48 hours (your choice) and then send it again to everyone who didn’t open it the first time.]

[Second NOTE: This brings up a good point… if you’re not sending out emails a second time to people who didn’t open your email the first time, you are, in my opinion, BLOWING IT.

People are busy. They don’t see the email the first time, or they don’t have time right then to look at it. 12 hours later, 24 hours later, that email is so far down in their inbox that they don’t even see it anymore.

So go ahead, send an email a second time if they don’t open it the first time. This tip alone can substantially increase your income – bank on it.]

Re-Engagement Email #2

Send this one about 2 days after the previous email but only if they didn’t open the previous email.

Subject Line: Wait… Did I goof?... 

It’s me again and I gotta know… …is this your best email address?

 It’s been over 30 days since you’ve opened or clicked on a link in one of my emails, and I’m starting to think that you’ve moved on... Or I’ve got the wrong address… Or maybe I goofed up… 

I’ve created a BUNCH of awesomeness for you over the last month. In fact, I’ve been thinking about you nearly every day, and how you want to [insert reason they’re on list] 

And I’ve been gathering the latest news, tips, breaking announcements, etc., for you, and now I feel bad... Because you haven’t seen any of it. 

Either this isn’t your best email address, in which case, please take a second to update your contact info to the best and most current address… …you know, the one you actually check every day. :) [


Or you’ve simply been too busy to notice what’s happened in the last 30 days… [

List of enticing bullets with links] 

Talk soon, [NAME] 

P.S. Do me a favor… please? Just click on at least one of these links above to show me you’re alive and that you still want to [insert goal] Thanks!


What’s going on in this email? Guilt. Lots of guilt, because we are thinking about them and their problem and we’ve done all this work to help them and they aren’t even opening our emails! ?

Re-Engagement Email #3

Send this one about 2 days after the previous email but only if they didn’t open the previous email.

Subject Line: Are you….. stuck? 

There are lots of things in this [industry/business/world] that can get us stuck… 

So what has you stuck?

 Tell me here: [LINK TO SURVEY] …so I know that I’m delivering the right kind of content to you. 

Seriously, it’ll take less than 30 seconds and it will truly help me to help you. 

It’s literally just one question (one!)… …and if you help me out, I’ll reward you with something cool on the other side. 

So cool. So ULTRA COOL but I can’t tell you what it is, because it is ONLY for people smart enough to click the link and answer the question. People like you. 

Here’s that link again: [LINK TO SURVEY] 

Thanks in advance, [NAME] 

What’s going on in this email? We’ve switched from guilt to a survey to encourage interaction.

Don’t get stressed about what question you’re going to ask. What’s important here is they engage, so please ask them something fun or interesting or both.

Keep it short and simple and easy. On the thank you page following the survey, you can give them a product discount (make it a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT) or anything else you like.

I like to give them a choice of 3-5 free reports. They are all on different topics, they all have great headlines, and the subscriber can only choose ONE.

This shows me what else they’re interested in, and puts them on a new mailing list for that topic.

Re-Engagement Email #4

Send this one about 2 days after the previous email but only if they didn’t open the previous email.

Subject line: I need your help…please 

I’m burning the midnight oil to produce a new series for you, but I want to make sure I’m covering the topics that YOU are most interested in. 

Will you go here and let me know if I’m on the right track? 


If you do, you’ll not only help shape the content I send you each week… 

I’ll also have a little “thank you gift” waiting for you on the other side. 

I’m hoping you will do it now while it’s fresh on your mind. 


It’ll take less than 30 seconds (literally!!) and I will be forever grateful. 

Thanks much, [NAME] 

What’s going on in this email? This is the second email in the survey campaign. As you can see it’s essentially the same offer, just positioned more as an “I need help” message than the first email.

<<<<<>>>>>All subscribers that haven't clicked on a link through your entire Re-Engagement Series should be placed in the following Win-Back email series. <<<<<>>>>>

Your Win-Back Email Series At this point the re-engagement series has ended, so if your subscriber still hasn’t responded, then it’s time to turn up the heat.

This first email offers a “mystery gift” if they click on the link. You could also tell them what the gift is, if it’s perceived as being highly valuable and sought after.

Your “gift” can be anything… a video… a special report… a product… anything your prospect will see as valuable.

[NOTE: At this point you don’t want to simply offer a discount or a free trial offer, because it’s not seen as highly valuable. There should be no strings attached to the gift you’re offering, or it will lose its power.]

Also, you’ll want to setup a special page where you will deliver this gift.

Don’t send them to some random download page, it’s not personal enough. You want to acknowledge the fact that they took this step. Show them appreciation for re-engaging with you after being “gone” for so long.

When they arrive on the “free gift” page, make them feel loved and appreciated, like they were truly missed. It might sound cheesy but it really works.

NOTE: In the emails below, where ever it says “Click this link” or “click the link”, those words should be clickable.

Win-Back Email #1

Send this email about 3 days after the previous email (but only if they didn’t open the previous email.)

Subject Line: Whoops! …Was it something I said? 

There’s just no easy way to say this… …so I’m going to just come right out with it…

I miss your smiling face, and I loved it when you clicked “open” on my emails.

But that hasn’t happened in a while, and I want you back…

So here’s what I’m willing to do… If you click on the link below:


I’ll give you a mystery gift worth [INSERT RETAIL VALUE OF GIFT].

More importantly, by clicking on this link you’ll be telling me that you’re still alive and interested in receiving juicy news and hot tips from me. :) And just so you’re aware, I have setup my email system to automatically remove you if I don’t see any activity from your email account in the next few days.

I know that sounds a little harsh, but I just don’t want to send breaking [niche] news out to folks who aren’t reading or getting value from it.


Not only will you have a cool gift waiting for you on the other side… …you’ll also reactivate your subscription.

That means even more great stuff will be coming to you in the weeks and months to come.

See you on the other side, [NAME]

Win-Back Email #2

Send one day after the previous email – we’re picking up the pace.

Remember, the gift can be a mystery or you can specify what it is.

I’ve found that if it’s a truly high value gift, then telling them gets a better response than saying “mystery gift.” But of course, your results could vary.

(Hint: That means you might want to test it ?)

Subject Line: Re: Claiming your “mystery gift”…

Did you get the email I sent yesterday about your “mystery gift?”


Here’s the deal… It’s been A WHILE since you’ve clicked on any of my emails (those are real tears, by the way.) Because I want to see if the email address I have for you is still a valid email address,

I’m attempting something a bit odd… …Bribery.

I’m offering you something extremely valuable for literally just clicking on this link: [LINK TO MYSTERY GIFT PAGE]

That’s it…just click the link! If this is still an active email address (and you’re still interested in [niche]) then I have every hope that you will click the link. If you’re no longer interested, just keep doing nothing and I’ll sadly send your gift to someone else. 

But I hope that’s not the case…  …because I kind of like having you around. ? 

So let’s stay together… …just click this link: CLICK HERE --> [LINK TO MYSTERY GIFT PAGE] 

And I’ll happily see you on the other side. (I’m the one holding the great big gift wrapped package with your name on it!) 

All the best, [NAME] 

Win-Back Email #3

Send 1 Day After Previous Mail This is more of the same, but note how we’re starting to countdown to unsubscribe in the P.S.

Subject Line: Am I still welcome in your inbox? 

I've noticed you haven't opened any of my emails in a while. This makes me wonder... Am I bothering you? 

Are you not getting the value you expected? Or are you receiving too few messages? Or maybe too many? 

Whatever it is, I hope you still want to hear from me… 

If you want to keep receiving these updates, you need to click the link below: 


It will lead you to a special mystery gift. No purchase, registration or anything like that required. 

I hope you click it. ? 

All the best, [NAME] 

P.S. If your account doesn’t register a click in the next 48 hours, I’m going to go ahead and unsubscribe you from this list. It’s not that I don’t want you here, but it’s been almost 6 weeks since you’ve shown any interest in the emails I’m sending you. Sooo…. The ball is in your court – click the link and I’ll happily see you on the other side. 


Win-Back Email #4

Send 1 Days After Previous Mail We’re still offering the mystery bonus, but it’s no longer the emphasis of the email. At this point it’s all about “click or unsubscribe”.

Subject Line: oh-oh… Should we unsubscribe you?

I don’t want to keep bothering you with emails, but I don’t want to completely cut you off, either… CLICK THIS LINK to let me know you want to keep hearing from me… …or click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom

No hard feelings, either way…I know that interests can change over time.

The last thing I want to do, though, is be another gal cluttering up your inbox, so if you don’t click on this link:


I’ll assume you are no longer interested in hearing from me and remove you from our list.

(Selfishly, I hope you click the link.) T

alk soon, [NAME]

P.S. I almost forgot… If you do click the link you’ll find something pretty cool waiting for you on the other side. Just sayin’ ? 

Win-Back Email #5

Send 1 Day After Previous Mail This is the final email in this win-back series.

Subject Line: Is this goodbye?

Unfortunately, today is the day… I need you to confirm that you still want to receive emails from me by clicking this link: LINK TO MYSTERY GIFT PAGE

…or you will be removed from our mailing list in 24 hours. (Sorry if that comes off sound harsh, but I really only want to mail people who actually want to hear from me.)

Originally you subscribed to my newsletter because you wanted [insert known benefits and desired end results], but if that’s no longer the case I understand. 

Interests change… Priorities change… People change… 

If your interests and priorities have changed, no hard feelings. Just unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email and I won’t bug you anymore. But if you are still interested in [insert known benefits and desired end results] and I simply slipped through the cracks somehow, you need to TAKE ACTION TODAY. 

It’s simple… Just CLICK HERE and your subscription will automatically be reactivated. 

(There may also be a little gift waiting for you on the other side, but you’ll have to click to see what it is.) ? 

Talk soon (hopefully), [NAME] 

Welcome Back Email

Send this mail when someone is re-engaged or won back.

Subject Line: Welcome back! 

Thank you for updating your information…

I’m thrilled to have you as an active member again! 

Here’s a link to some of the content you missed while you were on your “hiatus”: 

[Insert bulleted list of most popular blog posts, reports, videos, infographics, etc from the past 30 days…] 

…and here’s a “mystery gift” I want you to have to further welcome you back into the fold: 


Finally, since email is less than perfect, make sure you’re also following us on Facebook and Twitter just to be sure you never miss out again: 


Again, it’s good to have you back. :) 

Talk soon, [NAME] 

A couple of last points about this series…

MODIFY it to suit your needs.

Your emails should reflect you, and your personality and that of your company and products, so don’t be afraid to modify these as you see fit.

We used 30 days as an example, but you can use this series anytime you like. Personally, I use a similar series after 60 days of someone not opening my emails. Despite what some marketers will tell you, there are no hard and fast rules of how to word an email.

I’ve given you a good start here, but again you should make these uniquely yours. Or just copy and paste and fill in the blanks – that should work, too.

One last thing – if you win back just 1000 subscribers a year with this series, and just 5% of those go on to make purchases totaling $100 each, that’s $5,000 a year.

Not bad for copying and pasting a handful of emails into your autoresponder.