Is PageRank Calculated Differently For Domains Registered Before 2004?

Google has never revealed its search algorithm in full. At best, the company drops hints and provides general guidelines for optimization. The lack of specific information in many topics has created an environment wherein SEO theories abound. A webmaster from Colorado wants to know if there is any truth behind one of them that deals with domain names. As the theory goes, pre-2004 domains are more desirable because they are subjected to more lenient criteria compared to what we have now.

Matt Cutts simply laughs this off. He makes it clear that this theory is completely false and has no basis. There is absolutely no difference between domains registered in 2004, 2005, 2006, or any other year. The ranking algorithm makes no distinctions based on domain age. Buying pre-2004 domains will not provide any added benefits by way of easier criteria. There is no value in this practice.

Google treats all websites equally. The search engine does not give preferential treatment to any of them using an arbitrary demarcation line. Every website acquires reputation in the same manner no matter how old or new the domain might be.