Is There Such A Thing As Building Too Many Links?

Link building is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Webmasters try to do everything they can to get as many inbound links in an effort to boost Page Rank. Amid the frenzy, one wonders whether there is such a thing as building too many links. Assuming that you follow all the rules, will it ever get to a point where you might be banned due to excess?

According to Matt Cutts, webmasters should not worry about ever running into a limit. You can build as many links as you can without getting into trouble if you stick to Google’s published guidelines. The inbound links should ideally be organic in nature. Google frowns upon artificial links built through arranged exchanges or acquired by paying money.


The main driver for link building should be excellent site content. If you create compelling articles, videos, or artwork, then people will like them and feel compelled to share it with their friends. The links will come naturally through word of mouth because of merit — all for free and without much additional effort. These are all valid and will not be penalized no matter how many you receive.