Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn for Your Business

LinkedIn is a powerful social networking site that attracts millions of worldwide users. Although it’s similar to other popular social media sites, LinkedIn is also a bit different in regards to its unique approach to professional networking.

In addition, while other sites may focus on business pages and professionals, they also focus on personal entertainment games, videos, chatting, and more. LinkedIn, however, is strictly a professional social networking website for businesses, professionals, customers, and companies.

With more than 200 million users, LinkedIn has helped build professional rapport, find jobs, close sales deals, and build customer bases for numerous companies.

If you’re still wondering if LinkedIn is right for your own business, consider the following 5 reasons it could be just what you need:

* LinkedIn’s ad campaign application exposes your company to millions of professionals, businesses, and consumers. The application allows you to create your own ad campaigns, promoting your business, which will help drive a bigger audience to your page. It also allows you to choose which audience can see your campaigns. For example, you can cater your services towards a particular like-minded audience or you can set it as public which allows anyone on the site to view.

* LinkedIn offers interactive tools for your business page to help you promote your company. For instance, your business page can be customized to showcase what your business has to offer, including news updates, product and service information, recommendations, and more. The “Products and Services” tab provides a way for you to create a custom list of each product and service that you offer, as well as pictures and rotating banners next to each description.

* LinkedIn’s customer recommendations provide ways to endorse your business and products through testimonials and reviews. In fact, many users look at the “Recommendations” tab before deciding to check out a business. As the administrator of your business page, you have complete control over which recommendations make it on your list. Keep in mind, however, that LinkedIn users are typically savvy, so the products and services should always match the recommendations. People are more likely to trust your company and services if it has legitimate and positive recommendations from other customers.

* LinkedIn’s analytics helps you to determine your customer base and who is most likely to purchase your services. You can analyze how many visitors you have, visitor location, and what keywords attract these visitors through an easy-to-follow chart. Furthermore, you can compare your analytics chart to the charts of your competition. You’ll be able to see where your business is lacking compared to the other companies in the same industry. This will help you determine what areas in your social media presence need to be worked on. You’ll also be able to determine which areas you are doing the best in and what you’re doing exactly that garners the most customer attention.

* LinkedIn provides each user with an overview tab that can help your business stand out. The overview tab is what other users see before actually going to your page. You can customize your tab with service promotions, embedded YouTube videos, or anything else that will attract customers.