Top 5 Reasons to Use YouTube for Your Business

For years, YouTube has led the ranks as the most popular social media site for videos. Yet, even with over 800 million regular users, the number of viewers is expected to grow. While many people started out going to YouTube for its music videos, pranks, and other entertainment videos, the site has gone on to help numerous businesses gain exposure across the globe.

If you’re still wondering if YouTube is right for your own business, consider the following 5 benefits, which apply to every company, no matter how large or small:

* You can create as many company videos as you want on YouTube. In addition, you can whatever kind of video you wish as long as it follows YouTube’s Terms of Service. Commercials, interviews, Q&A sessions, product displays, and company tours are among just a few of the videos that can help promote your business.

Not only that, but you can optimize your YouTube videos with appropriate geographic keyword terms related to your industry; this will help you pull in more local viewers.

* YouTube offers a few advertisement choices which allow you to either create videos geared towards a specific audience, or place ads into your own channel for extra earnings. Adwords for Videos allows business videos to be strategically placed as commercials throughout other similar videos so that your company can be exposed to a larger audience. Additionally, you can incorporate Google AdSense into your YouTube channel, which will help you earn residual income from views.

* There’s no need to post long videos on YouTube in order to get your audience’s attention. In fact, most viewers appreciate short videos between three to five minutes. The majority of the most popular videos on YouTube’s top charts have consistently been those that are under five minutes. You also won’t need fancy equipment if you’re just getting started. While it’s true that the best videos on YouTube are clear, crisp, and provide high-definition viewing, you can create similar videos with just the basics. A high-quality camera, tripod, ample lighting, and video editing software will have you on your way to creating custom videos.

* YouTube videos are watched more frequently than any other social media and/or video site. With millions of worldwide viewers visiting on a regular basis, you have an excellent chance of your videos getting a lot of exposure. Keep in mind, however, that since YouTube is such a popular site, thousands of videos are uploaded every day. In order to maximize your chances of getting the highest publicity, you’ll need to make your channel stand out with consistent uploads of entertaining, educational, and engaging content.

* YouTube allows you to create your own channel and profile centered on your business. With a wide range of options, you can customize your YouTube profile with unique colors, photos, keywords, and company information. YouTube’s “Featured” tab allows you to also create professional backgrounds according to category. Examples include a blogger, creator, or networking background. Last but not least, you’ll be able link back to your company website and blog by simply plugging your links into your video descriptions, your “About Me” section, and directly onto your channel description.